Big Data Current projects

Demonstration of SpaceSketch on a Microsoft Surface


Sketch-based spatiotemporal data analysis tool built for stylus and multitouch displays. SpaceSketch lets you interact with maps on a computer screen much like you would with traditional pen and paper.

Poster: VIS 2015, Video: Surface Demo

A Dashboard Visualization for Emergency 911 Calls in Atlanta

Emergency 911 Dispatch

Dashboard visualization tool for comparing the distribution of calls and response times throughout the city of Atlanta. This work was completed as part of the Data Science for Social Good (DSSG) program.

Video: DSSG Capstone Presentation

Visualization for analyzing the crimes that have occurred near a particular path broken down by the time of day and day of week.


Exploring public safety data (e.g., crime) by the routes that a person can take through a city.

Poster: VIS 2014, Video: VGTC Community

Tangible control widgets for interacting with multidimensional data through several visualization idioms.

Tangible Visualization

Hands-on data analysis and visualization learning tool. Users can interact with abstract data through easily-constructed paper-based control widgets.

Video: Demo

A stacked area chart showing liberal and conservative bias for the NY Times, Time Magazine, and USA Today

Two Sides to a Story

An online visualization tool that facilitates exploration of political bias and social media sharing in popular blogs and authoritative news sources.

An illuminated touch table and tangible control widgets for understanding cyber defense and associated IT data for a controlled network.

Cyber Sandtable

Combining novel displays with tangible controls that allow cyber defenders to better interpret and use automated cyber defense systems.

Video: T2-MIND

Command and control environment for viewing and sharing emergency response data.

Disaster Response

Collaborative work environments that help teams of emergency responders share and manipulate data sources.

Papers: SPIE 2010, HST 2013

A mobile game for learning and rehearsing battlefield first-aid skills.

First-Aid Training

Combines visual task symbologies and mobile games to enhance medical procedure training.

Papers: HFES 2010, HFES 2011

A command and control environment for understanding how connected assets will can be affected if modified.

Mission Planning

Combining spatial representations of ground and air resources with network connectivity to understand how events will create secondary effects.

Posters: VAST 2010 (network), VAST 2010 (events)

Event Sequence Analysis

A process for the exploration and analysis of large databases of events through data mining and visualization of results.

Poster: VAST 2008, Paper: SPIE 2008

Games for learning introductory computer science concepts and more advanced topics like genetic algorithms.

Games for Education

Games for building skills in individual computing concepts and an approach for improving computer science education through game design projects.

Papers: ACM SIGCSE Bulletin 2007, ACM SIGCSE 2007

Mobile application for understanding what cuisine options are available in an unfamiliar location.

Food Navigator

A touch-based visual dictionary for travelers (or anyone) that allows them to explore food options with greater confidence when in an unfamiliar environment.